Branch Offices

Three Lakes Advisors offers opportunities to utilize its experience, products and support to build branch offices with qualified individuals with at least 3 years of financial markets experience. Branch Offices must be approved by ADMIS, who has stringent requirements to approve Three Lakes Advisors in such branch office registration. Please call us at 203-388-2678 if you feel you have the experiences, qualifications and a client base to educate on the products and opportunities that the Futures business has to offer.


Phoenix, AZ Branch

Dennis BioPicture

Dennis R. Salazar IV
1838 W. Claremont St.
Phoenix, AZ 85015

Mr. Salazar was born in Albuquerque, NM but grew up in Southern California where he attended University of California, Riverside, majoring in Music Composition and minoring in Economics.  Mr. Salazar began his investment career with Main Street Trading Company and Newhall Discount in 1999 as an Account Executive. In the early years of the Internet, he immediately took an interest in software-based and automated investment platforms.  In 2004 he started an Introducing Broker Focus Futures to “focus” on Managed Futures investments through CTAs and systems based futures accounts. There he helped to develop several algorithmic-system trading strategies with various systems developers and managed order execution for a number of clients and Introducing Brokerages.  Mr. Salazar recently joined Three Lakes Advisors in October of 2015 and became a branch office manager to expand the business of Three Lakes Advisors’ brokerage business.  Dennis has 16 years of extensive investment experience and worked with investors, system developers and CTAs trading in futures and options on commodities.  He brings to his clients a great deal of dedication, passion and enthusiasm about investing and market analysis, while assisting them in acquiring more knowledge about managing their investment portfolios.

Dennis is also active in his community, where in his free time he plays several instruments and is in a Blues/Rock band, sings in his church choir, acts in musical theater, and enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

Mr. Salazar welcomes you to contact him or stop by the office if you have an interest in any aspect of the commodities futures business.